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Loyalty Marketing

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Your customers are looking for incentives to make it into your location. What are you doing to make them feel like you are trying to earn their business? We have a few solutions for you that might turn some heads! During my experience at a retail level, I discovered two things:

  • Customers Respond to Promotions,
  • Customers Will Buy If The Reward is Big Enough,
  • and No Customer Likes a Bad Deal.

Now I know that nobody wants to give a customer a “bad deal”, but it happens all the time. For example: $2 off when you purchase $20 or more at an Ice Cream Shop. The incentive is not there. Not only that, retailers will disguise the deal to make it seem like the customers can get $2 off any purchase. That is until they go to the register and find out they are getting taken through the ringer.

The point I would like to make, is that there are options to give incentives without giving away the farm, and earn loyalty at the same time. A company called CityGro is heading up a great interactive way to help customers find their way back into your stores. With the CityGro Kiosk you now have a way to capture a customer’s contact information, provide a loyalty card, and give discounts at the register for signing in, all at the same time. This platform works well as a “stamp card” substitute on the retail level, and can be a great lead generator for a trade show company looking to capture contact info in a snap.

Don’t get me wrong. CityGro isn’t the only company out there that offers data capture at the register, but they do offer a unique experience. By putting the kiosk out in front of customers they get excited to enter their information and see if they have a discount. You will also find that the back end loyalty marketing that you can do is quite effective. By simply coordinating text message, and email marketing you can bring home a lot more and faster.

If you have questions about getting more acquainted with the CityGro Kiosk platform, please do! We recommend the experience. Email me at or call us at (801) 695-7661 and we can schedule a sales rep to come out and show you all the possibilities.